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Does anyone here watch this show? It's on here in Chicago on Fri. nights at 7. The finale will be next Fri I really like the show. It's about Mary Queen of Scots and the people who surrond.her. 

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I've watched it from the beginning and really enkoy it. I enjoy period pieces and think the cast does a really good job.

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Hi hovis...I love "Reign"!


I think it is great series.   Love the story line and they do have very good writers and actors.  I love watching to see the period clothing too...And love when the music starts and it is a current modern piece they incorporated into their time period.  


I am a history buff and just love this type of programing...Love It!




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I love this show. 

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Love this show.  I love historical pieces.


My favorite characters on the show are Catherine & Narcisse.  They both put the "S" in sex & the "C "in cunning.  Catherine also puts the "C" in cougar!!!


Tonights finale ending had me 837514213.gif



Show will return 1/8/2016 yahoo.gif

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Thanks for the heads up.  I haven't watched in several months due to other things but love this show and the actress that plays Mary!!!

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I didn't know how I would feel about this show when it started, but I was hooked from the first episode.  I love the costumes and the scenery.  The actors are all top notch.  I'm a sucker for just about every show on the CW network. 

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I loved Season 1, Season 2 less so, but still thought it was good... This year, I hate the new time slot because I forget it's on. I also preferred it at a later time, as it seems that at 8, I'm still busy doing other things, though I try to remember to DVR it... This season is fun, but they seem to have descended into high camp and while I'm really enjoying the looser Catherine... and Mary joining forces, it's not altogether believable, given everything that's happened between them. Still, I love the period pieces as well, and the costumes are fabulous... Don't much care for the actress portraying QE-1... She seems just a bit too affected...I do wonder, though, if this won't be the last year. It seems the Friday timeslot is more or less where the CW sends shows to breathe their last... Too bad if it is.


At one time, I enjoyed a lot of the CW's lineup, but have grown really weary of most of their shows and the few newer ones didn't interest me from the start. Finding it funny how obsessed the CW seems to be with British accents... which are now rampant on both Vampire Diaries and The Originals, both of which I only catch sporadically... 


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I'm definitely late to the Reign party, but I've finally made it! I love the historic drama, the cast of characters, and the costuming!