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Just finished all four seasons.  Powerful series and hard to get the characters out of your head one it is done.  Very good.

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@chiclet   Agree.  We watched it  back when it aired on Sundance TV.



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I agree one of my all time favorite series. 

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Absolutely loved this series. I saw it years ago when it was on Sundance and it has haunted me (in a good way) ever since. 

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Rectify is a great series!

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     I agree with everyone here.  It was an excellent            series.

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I hadn't been here for a while and thought some of the folks on this forum would have good Netflix suggestions- ( I've reached sort of a dead end on what to watch lately )   


Appreciate the suggestion and will start watching this one tomorrow. Smiley Happy

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Please give me a hint about Rectify.  

Happy 4th.


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Just binge watched all 4 seasons, excellent series!  I wish there was a season 5, I have so many questions.  I agree with others, I can't get it out of my head!  Thanks for the recommendation!

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