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I just read IMBd might look to get Rebel.  They are gonna stream season

that just aired, so fingers crossed.  I would be thrilled to have that show

back on.

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@patbz wrote:

Rebel was OK and sad it didn't get a real chance but I didn't like Katy Segal in the part ( rubbed me the wrong way).

@patbz I thought she was great in Sons of Anarchy but not good in the Roseanne remake as the love interest of John Goodman's character.  


In Rebel, thought she was ok.  She played her character well depicting Erin Brockovich. 

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Sources say that should the Katey Sagal series perform well on IMDb TV, the platform could greenlight a second season. The setup is similar to another canceled ABC series, For Life. IMDb TV picked up the first two seasons of the legal drama two weeks ago, with a potential third season also hinging on how the show performs.

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