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For those who follow him at all you may have noticed he sat pretty high on his pedestal with this whole business that went on last season and judging away on things that should and should not be said.   His little podcast buddy, one of the Ashleys, loves to dig up whatever thing she can find any constestant ever said or posted so she can bring them down.  She was responsible for the Garrett info, the guy who was engaged to Becca.  Well evidently now poor RS is scrambling and crying about the worst days of his life because he is being called out for all of his bullying and nasty things he has said about the women over the years, particularly Jade Roper.  I didn't listen to the podcast, just read about it, but it sounds like as he said he isn't like that anymore, Demi reminded him of some other recent offensive things.  

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When you drop on ratings and listeners, what do you do?  Create some drama and keep your name out there.



Relating to the late great Dale Earnhardt, call me what you want but as long as you keep talking about me, I'm doing my job...that's more or less a summary of his thought process.  

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Many of these women should own their own ridiculous behavior & just go away.