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I am in So. Cal. and just heard this a.m. on our local news that the Rose Parade on New Years Day has been cancelled.  No word yet about the Rose Bowl.  

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Why don't we cancel EVERYTHING that brings us the slightest bit of joy?

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Let's cancel New Year's Eve while we're at it!

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@Jordan2 wrote:

Let's cancel New Year's Eve while we're at it!

I'll be happy to toast the end of this year!

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@WORKING GAL :  It's very sad this is cancelled but in my opinion, it's the right call.  Probably they are about to order supplies to build float infrastructure ( not to mention reserving/ renting warehouses and later flowers.  I've been to parade once and toured the floats twice; I love this parade.

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Philly has cancelled the Thanksgiving Day parade & the 2021 Mummers parade.

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Wonder if the game is off too?

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I love watching the parade each year. It's on my travel bucket list to 1 day go there and see it live. It's sad that it's cancelled but it makes sense when so many people gather to see it and also people gathered to build them. 

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@Mz iMac   That's big news for the Philly area.  As a young child I can recall my grandparents trecking to Philadelphia to see relatives who were Mummers march in this parade.  A long standing tradtion in your city.

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@Jordan2 Your post made me wonder about NYE and the celebration in Times Square. I am guessing that will be cancelled too. As @Mz iMac mentioned, Philly has already cancelled parades etc through Feb of 2021.