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RHOP/Ashley and Michael separated!!!

Just read on Yahoo that Ashley and Michael have decided to separate and go their own way.....No reason is given otheer than saying they are both in different spaces right  now. I didn't realize he was 62 and she is only 33.......I can say I am not suprised at all!!!!

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Re: RHOP/Ashley and Michael separated!!!

I'm not surprised at all either.  But then....they did have an unconventional marriage but I think it was last season, that Ashley told Michael, she wanted a more traditional marriage.  Perhaps, he wasn't as agreeable to that as he said he was (on camera).  

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Re: RHOP/Ashley and Michael separated!!!

I am surprised that the marriage lasted this long.  I think that she has daddy issues that is why she married such an older man.  It was obvious that they were incompatible.  Hopefully they both can move on with their lives and find partners that they are more compatible with in the long run.