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Hi, LipstickDiva........good to see you.  I totally agree about the lip injections.  Don't they just look awful?  The fake "tans", too.  


I actually like Jennifer's husband, Bill.  He seems to be a good sport about most things, and I enjoy just seeing the husbands together.  They have fun.

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I think The Marge had a hand in the Evan rumor....probably it came to her ears and bc she "is hilarious" (as she describes herself) repeated it....I think she was surprised that Tre the idiot repeated it at the birthday party...and Marge could you please do somethng about the saggy cleavage ??  Tape, a button or four ???


Teresa....ease up on the botox and fillers...your skin looks awful....and cross your legs properly please...Mr withaK lifts weights and he crosses his legs like you .......


love Dr Bill,   hope Jen's folks can work it out (their children are the sweetest)


Delores will wind up with Frank again


Jackie and Evan should leave the show and go back to their lives....I don't think he cheated. I think he is approached alot...does he wear a wedding

ring ??  Will go back and look.


Lost interest in the interest other than maybe we will hear about Mel's third sister


Anyone else think Teresa'a bf is kind of sleazy ??


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@jellyBEAN  As far as Melissa & Joe....Joe has not changed but trying to make some effort. Joe is old school & finds it very difficult that his wife does not depend on him anymore. He takes it that she does not love him & doesn't hover over him like she used too. He was used to her to being Susie Homaker for yrs. (nothing wrong with stay at home woman)...having the meals on time every night etc etc. She was available for his every whim.


Melissa has become a sucessful business women & wants to be treated as an equal partner & I doubt Joe will change. So what I see is is the one who has changed her view of what she wants for her marriage to become with Joe & is holding out hope that he will change with her. He will not to satisfy her & I think is falling out of Love with him, imo Joe is right on that point.