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Premieres tonight at 8pm Central time! I plan on checking it out.

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I momentarily forgot what day it is today 🤦‍♀️ 
I plan on watching; but it will be weird without Tamra or Vicki (regardless of liking them or not), it'll be different not seeing them!

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Shannon said Vicki and Tamra have been spreading lies about her but she's not going to address it. It seems like the last season just ended. Time is flying.

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I think I'm going to pass this season....we'll see how long that actually last though.Smiley Very Happy

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I'm skipping the OC wives from now on. I just don't like Kelly Dodd! It does seem like Shannon and the others are going to like not having Tamara & Vicki around anymore, so now they will be center stage more. I can't wait for the RHOSLC and I love the RHOP, RHOA, & RHOBH!

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I plan on checking it out but I'm not sure I'll stick around.  I'm starting to think I'm over the real housewives shows.  I didn't stick out NY and although I started to really hate BH, I did stick with it until the end.  Never got into Dallas and quit Atlanta years ago. 


If this season of OC is nothing but bullying and fighting, I'm out.  I also don't want to watch a season of Covid drama either.  I'm living it.  I don't need to see a show about others dealing with it.     

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I'll be watching MAFS instead. 

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I'm sure I'll be watching.

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I'll be watching.  The Amazing Race also starts tonight, and if I had half a brain, I would switch over to that, but I gotta get my HW's fix - for better or worse.  I can watch The Amazing Race On Demand instead.


I was going to post the other day that Kelly Dodd married that Fox Newscaster fellow she was engaged to.  I saw the photos online.  Her dress was black, and he was also all in black.  They make a nice looking couple.  She is atrocious but then again, I guess she is just the bad girl of the bunch.


I'm re-watching the Reunion shows before the premiere.  Yes, it will be weird w/o Vicky and Tamra.  Shannon is so shrill and is always shreiking(sp?) - but I guess she will now be the grande dame of the bunch.  Woman Embarassed

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I dropped it after a show or two last season so I think I will skip this season.  I am down to just BH, and I was barely hanging on there by the end of last season.