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Re: REVENGE: Is It Time for the ABC Show to End?

On 11/12/2014 Karsa said:

I'm seeing Louise's fixation on Victoria, not Daniel. There was a scene that she fantasized Victoria treating her like a daughter but then Victoria came into the bar and was dismissive of her. She sees Victoria treating Margaux as part of the family, so wants her out of the picture.

I do think this season is better than the last couple. I was ready to give up, but have started to enjoy it again.

Exactly. I think Louise is only going after Daniel to get to Victoria. I think Louise has mommy issues and sees how fiercely protective and loyal Victoria is to her children and that's what Louise wants.

I think she locked Margaux in that steam room not because she's jealous of Margaux's relationship with Daniel but because it's another female she doesn't want getting in the way of her getting closer to Victoria.