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⭐ RENEGADE RANGER, 1938, TCM this morning 🤠

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Did anyone catch Renegade Ranger this morning (3/22) on TCM?

What a delightful surprise it was.  


A very young Rita Hayworth starred as wrongly-accused frontier woman Juanita Alvarez who, along with her friends and neighbors, was being cheated out of land and livestock by a crooked tax collector in the border country of Texas.  She goes "rogue" and establises a hideout along with her supporters.  George O'Brien starred as the Texas Ranger in charge of bringing her to justice.  It probably goes without saying that they end up falling for each other.


The movie was well-edited and, while it may portray a relatively common theme, brought some interesting highlights and humor along the way.   The reviewers on TCM seemed to like it, too, since many of them gave it five stars.


If you like Westerns, this is a little gem.


She wore that incredible silky blouse shown below through much of the picture.  Very Hollywood!  


George O'Brien and Rita Hayworth

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