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Next week Nov. 16 is the fashion show.  This should be a really good show because the designers are very talented.  I have to write a note so I don't forget.  I really liked what the girl that wears the head scarf showed last week in the light gray fabric that was either a silk or some kind of shiny fabric.  It was beautiful. 

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She is my favorite also. I think Brandon is her main competition, and I'm tired of his designs. They all look alike to me.

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I just finished watching this episode. Brandon is the judges’ favorite. I wish all five could have shown their full collections. I wonder why Heidi couldn’t adjust her schedule and be there in person. 

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I think Brandon will win because his is the obvious favorite of the judges......but like another poster said...his designs all seem to be very similar to me.....i like Kentaro the best...

i think he has made some beautiful fashions...i also liked quite a few of Kenya's fashions.....Michael i also thought did a nice job......not really a fan of Margarita's collections/outfits.....feel like she has had many chances and lately feel she resorts to crying in order to gain sympathy from Tim/judges....


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When I looked again at Brandon's 2 designs, I thought really how is that attractive on her?

Like a peach box over pants the one and I don't even remember the other.

Just because something looks innovative, imaginative, shocking even, doesn't mean fashion to me but more like a museum of different pieces of art maybe but not fashion or something to be worn-other than the runway, which seems to become more and more what can they shock someone with?

I really admire designers these days who actually create something beautiful to be worn by an actual person and enhances a woman's beauty not detracts from it or is just there to show off what the designer thinks is "fashion."

The judges decisions just make me disappointed in this season.

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I’m not a fan of Brandon’s designs either but I agree that he will probably win since the judges like his work so much. I’d love for either of the women to win. Although he’s done 2 or 3 good pieces, I’m not a fan of Kentaro either. I can’t wait for the real finale!!