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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

I didn't finish watching it last night but will do so later this evening.


Even though I haven't seen the entire show I must say Victoria is getting on my last nerve and if she doesn't understand what the challenges are about how about using the all powerful and wonderful Google unless cell phones are banned!

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

@VaBelle35 wrote:

What I didn't understand is how Cristian can say that Karlie's outfit was sheer.  It was made with sheer material, but it was like 100 layers.  I didn't see her skin under there.



@VaBelle35  THANK YOU!  I was thinking the exact same thing . . . maybe Victoria had a good reason to say she was confused . . . Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

Victoria knew EXACTLY what sheer meant--it was explained to her and Christian SHOWED her sheer  fabric.  She just thinks she can do her own thing and be on top every week.  I'm over her and her one note designs.  That dress looked like she forgot to sew fabric on to one side.


I had the same reaction to Geoffrey's look--the first words out of my mouth were "I don't want to see her b**bs bouncing down the runway".


I didn't' like all the fringe on Sergio's dress, but at least we didn't have to hear his political statement about the garment.

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

Geoffrey's was, by far, my favorite.  Of course, I wish he would have designed the bust area somehow so that everything didn't show.  I loved Sergio's fringe but didn't like how it was attached to the dress.  Marquise's was nice but I didn't think it would be a top 3.  I hated the black material he used around the neckline.  It cheapened the look.  I suppose he did it to help hide the bust area.   If I were judging, I would have opted for a double elimination...Victoria & Chelsey. 

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

I say that Victoria should have just proceeded with her original design, and if she was sent home because of it, at least it would have been something she was proud of.  She has a successful business in fashion, so I don't understand why designers who already have a business would be on this show.  I thought the idea was to help up and coming designers establish a business/line with the money won.


It was right that Sergio won, sorry to see Chelsea go, but it came down to how her dress fit and how Victoria's dress fit and sewing technique, but personally, I thought Victoria's looked terrible.  





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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

Victoria is a prima donna!   She needs to go home.  She's getting STALE, and her understanding was PERFECT.  

I loved Sergio's dress.  I thought it was magnificent as soon as it hit the runway.  Very elegant and beautifully made.  I'm not normally a fringe lover, but somehow it worked on this dress.  Nancy's was also a stand out.  Very beautiful.   I just can't stand Sergio's obnoxious attitude and arrogance.  

I thought the SAME THING about Karlie's dress....   not so sheer.  

I think they sent the wrong person home.  Victoria should have exited,  but the show wants her personality.  These shows thrive on conflict and big personalities!

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

[ Edited ]

I loved Karlie's dress!!! In fact I love most of the dresses she wears on the show.


Victoria should be sent home. Cry baby. Can't believe the judges put up with this. 


Sergio's dress, ok, but I'm not liking fringe. Esp. so much fringe on that dress.

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

I have a conspiracy theory about Victoria. And I'm probably wrong. Here it is: I think that before Victoria got on the show, she designed (and maybe had help designing?) and practiced and memorized how to quickly make exactly enough amazing asymetrical strap outfits to get through the show. But she didn't think it through quite well enough.


So when she has any restrictions on the basics, like a model shape she didn't practice for or a vastly different underpinning fabric requirement, she can't do it. She falls apart. And she can't admit that's what is going on because it would basically be admitting to cheating, or close enough therebouts. So she says she's upset about other things.




And another I don't like the Christian Serriano save option.It's so obvious that each booted designer is hoping like crazy Christian will save them, and then when he sends them off to the workroom to clean up their stuff, it just crushes them.


When it was Tim Gunn, Tim was more sensitive about saying goodbye to the designers. When he didn't save them it felt like he recongnized and accounted for what was really going on. Christian, possibly because he's a bit less mature, acts obivious to the fact that he's blowing them off. It seems like an additional heavy blow to the designer with the way he does it.

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

Let me understand 

when Victoria wins or is on the top - english HA - easy peasy

when Victoria ia on the bottom -  I wanna go home than be on the bottom?

You didn't understand sheer? BS - you saw it - it is NOT a verbal description and you went by your lonesome to Mood


You saw what everyone else was buying - duh

You refused to follow the challenge yet again and you resent Christian's comments


so...PR is supposed to hand over the 1st prize to you bc you showed up in participation?

is that what happened when you play sports in school? everyone got a prize for showing up and no one lost?


apologies for digressing...I think PR created drama in editing. We probably never saw her nature in the beginning and BAM here she is ...


all these designers who believe they know more than the judges or resent Christian's comments - have you not been watching the show? then don't go on the show


I did like Sergio's dress (minus the fringe) and Nancy's the beat.


Although I'm glad Marquis came back - he can NOT keep saying he didn't deserve to go home - look at the dart on the bustline. Just say I'm grateful for the 2nd chance and will do better.

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Re: Project Runway Seaton 18 Jan 30 (Episode 8) - Spoilers Included

Here's my take this week everyone:


I absolutely loved Sergio's and his was the best o ut of all the top 3. 


Delvin should have been in the top 3 in my opinion. 


Marquise's I thought was messy and all over the place.  Surprised that he was one of the top 3.


Brittany's was just a mess and hated the shorts.  Tired of her dissing everyone and rolling her eyes every week.  This week is was because of what Brandon said about Victoria I think?


Geoffrey's was just ok; hated the stripes but it fit her well.  That's all I can say nicely about it.


I didn't like Nancy's at all.  Looked like any other long dress and I've seen that style so many times somewhere or other. 


Victoria - she's lucky she's still there w/her breakdowns but she finally got something on her model.  I liked the fabric but not the style once again which looked the same to me.


Poor Daeyoung.  She should have left when she first didn't feel well.  She's got talent and sorry she left.  I liked her.


And last but not least -- what was Chelsey thinking?  The strips of fabric were messy and that bralette (as Brandon called it) was hideously made.  I love that Karlie called it a pool cover.  LOL.


Onto next week.