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Re: Project Runway Season 18 FEB 6 (Episode 9) - Spoilers Included

It's either whining or preaching. I want news on a news show not soppy human interest stories. I used to watch Dancing With the Stars, no longer, it's turned into a melodramatic cringe fest.

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Re: Project Runway Season 18 FEB 6 (Episode 9) - Spoilers Included


I must agree with your post...Both Delvin and Brittany talking trash and then sending horrid outfits down the Runway tells me they need to spend less time attacking other people and more time on their own sewing and designs. I would have been happy if either of them had gone home.

Delvin keeps telling everyone what a great tailor he is and how he's trained in classic haute couture... blah blah blah...but he is unable to create flattering garments that actually FIT.

@Yahooey So happy you posted The Swatch Interview and @mtc he is THE cutest dog. Too funny!

I loved that Wilma7500 cited "The King and I" when describing Marquis' stunning look. That short cropped blue pleated jacket was a Yul Brunner look! Good call. (Of course, the model had such a regal swagger and a ridiculously perfect body, so those two things helped propel the look to the win.)

@Icegoddess I was surprised as well that someone can CUT fabric and then completely change colors and pick another fabric at Mood. Maybe he had to pay for them both??

I agree with the posters here who said Victoria's satin tux looked WAY too tight on the model. The lapels were gaping.

This thread is many new posters! Fun to read all the opinions. Thanks, per usual, to The Goddess of Ice for starting the thread each week.💜