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Project Runway Finale: 3 Previews

Christian with what Bravo calls a "major twist" (but it's not), a great surprise and being his adorably funny self.  Seeing him this season, how funny he is, I think if he wasn't a brilliant designer and gifted mentor he could have done standup.




This preview is called "Garo's dilemma' and you can see some of his collection:




Preview of the final runway show:




Bravo also has all the finalists' clothes from the season up like they showed last Thursday, as slideshows::








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Re: Project Runway Finale: 3 Previews

As much as liked Tim Gunn, I’m really enjoying Christian. 

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Re: Project Runway Finale: 3 Previews

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thanks for the recap - I really liked Seb eipisode 1 look - such pretty lines as did Garo


Flipping through the slideshow really helped me see them as designers

I find Sebastain had more looks I like - are they fashion forward? I don't know but I really like them as a person living under a rock.


Garo - some I really really like - some not so much. He is much more adventuous but is that a sign of a good desinger? 


Hester - YIKES stop the slideshow and let the rock take out my eyes. She really benefited taking her time making the garments as I believe her garments for the finale shows are finished so much nicer. 


I'm still rooting for Sebastian for the win. Will be peeking from behind the rock for the finale.