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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

This was a great first episode of the season. Christian and Karlie did an excellent job. I don’t really even care about all stars now. They are wrapping up and I don’t even care who wins. They already won and never got off the ground anyway.

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

I have watched Project Runway since it first aired.   However, this year I decided i was done with it.  I did enjoy the run way part but the drama I could have done without even though I am aware they need that  for the viewers.  In fact I would DVR the shows, and then when I watched would fast forward through most of it and just watch what interested me.  This season there wasn't any reason for me to continue to do that and I am fine with my decision.


For all who are watching enjoy the shows and I am sure there will be favorite designers and those not in that category!   Have fun.

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

Me?  I'm done with this nonsense show.  I managed to watch the whole pathetic mess.  It was as if Saturday Night Live did a parody.  The young lady who did a blue bathing suit that fell apart on the runway when she touched it should have been expelled.  This show is a complete wreck.  Ms. Nina should get far, far away before her reputation is completely wrecked.  SAD.  AND I have never ever missed one single episode of the previous versions.  VERY SAD.  


Can't wait for Heidi's and Tim's return to be aired on Amazon.

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

@LoriLori wrote:

This is so great!  I was afraid Frankie would go home and while I didn't like her concept or taste level, it isn't her fault the composite card was wrong.  That happens all the time -- agencies send the models out with deliberately misleading measurements. 


Also she's one of only two self-trained designers (though she'd had success) and it would be a shame if she went home.


Cavanagh, on the other hand, seems like a snob (and reading her bio reinforces that) and she didn't take Christian's advice.


So many lovely garments.  Great judging, great mentor, Karlie Kloss did great.  What a terrific first episode! 

@LoriLori  I couldn't agree more.  I thoroughly enjoyed the relaunch and know I will stick with it for the season (I wandered off from both All Stars and Top Chef this season).  Karlie Kloss is terrific as is my beloved Christian Siriano.  I also like the other judges, it's nice to see new people and what they bring to the show.


I was glad they kept Frankie if for no other reason she truly appreciates the chance she is being given as opposed to Cavanaugh.  I noticed you didn't see much of Frankie in the preview reel for upcoming shows so it could be she doesn't last long but I am just glad they gave her another chance and everybody else looked thrilled too.


The surprise for me was Hester.  Her design esthetic is not my style and I almost gave myself a headache from rolling my eyes when I saw that "fabric" she purchased but she pulled it out in the end.


Bottom line, I really enjoyed the show.  I will miss Heidi and Tim as I don't have Amazon Prime but I am very happy with what Bravo has done.  I got away from watching Bravo as I was Housewives'd out but they are bringing in some good shows which I am glad to see.

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

@LoriLori wow, I didn't realize Brandon was responsible for both of those dresses as they both caught my eye for obviously different reasons.  I thought Lady Gaga looked stunning and best dress of the evening and I know Sarah Paulson likes to take fashion risks but I remember thinking when I saw her on the red carpet "oooh that's a miss".  He's a very talented, engaging designer and I am glad he is part of PR.

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

I don't know if I'll keep watching but I enjoyed it. This was my favorite, the winner I would have chosen. I don't think the photo shows how pretty it looked on the show.



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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

I would njoy this show more if it were only 1 hour long, not 90 minutes.  That's too much.  I thought Karlie Kloss did a fine job, and Christian was a fine mentor as well.  I'm not wild about the judges.  Oh how I miss Michael Kors!  This bunch take themselves too seriously and seem so dour.


I didn't care for all those flappy pieces in the back of the winning outfit.  I too was underwhelmed with the runway show.  I also agree that as likeable as the girl was with that awful bodysuit/swimsuit she should have gone home.  She had LOTS of help from the others and even had her model doing some sewing.  Not cool IMO. 

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

I was curious about Karlie Kloss and did a google search on her. She is 6'2" tall and married to Jared Kushner's brother. What a remarkable modeling career ...since she was 15 or so.  Both Christian and Karlie were on Whatch What Happens Live w/Andy Cohen last night. 


Also thought 90 minutes was too long. 

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

I wasn't planning on watching, but since I was waiting for Top Chef, I decided to watch.


I was curious is Karlie would use all of Heidi's lines or they would come up with something a little different.  


As someone said above, "parody" is what I was thinking.


I will say they are all very stiff and quiet, but having just watched Season 1, I noticed the very same thing.  In later seasons, everyone was all chatty and loose, so I think all that stiffness is just that it's new to everyone, even Nina since she's the only original.


I don't plan to watch going forward.  None of the people wowed me.  However, I liked the plus size models and the transgender model.

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Re: Project Runway 3/14 - Back to Bravo! - SPOILERS

[ Edited ]

I was disappointed in the show.  Overall it moved slowly .  The one that was out was better then the one they kept in.  Especially appalling was one comment about the one they kept, questioning her taste.  Yet they kept her?


None even sure I will continue to watch.  Yes I did think Kloss was a parody of Heidi. At times a little awkward.  At 6'2", she was way too tall.  I can understand starting modeling at 13.  She was probably 5'6" and they didn't think she would go over 6'.  Models need height, but 6'2" in 4 inch heels is too strange. She was Kate Moss in reverse.  Another model who started at 13 at 5'6" and pretty much stayed there.  Kloss weighs 125 lb, and it's a good distribution over a 6'2" frame and a size 4


Didn't like any of the judges other then Nina.  (Gee I wonder why?)


Hope the one they kept gets better next week.  Otherwise, this will be the last show I watch.