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Re: 🎸Prince Fans.....Tonight on CBS 🎸

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John  Legend without a shirt.  Not sure I'm digging it. 

birdmama LOL!!!  NO!  Too much cleavage!  


But it makes me so sad Prince is gone.  That talent is unsurpassed in music of my time.  Nobody comes close to Prince!


 Yep   Smiley Wink


John Legend Pays Tribute To Prince With Soulful 'Nothing Compares ...

Wow - I knew his wife was talking about taking out her implants, but I didn't realize that she was giving them to her husband!!  (Or, maybe it's just an unfortunate photo at a bad angle...)

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Re: 🎸Prince Fans.....Tonight on CBS 🎸

While I didn't understand the need for John to leave off his shirt (he's just not that guy), he did a fantastic job with one of my favorite Prince songs.  I absolutely love Sinead's live verson of "Nothing Compares 2 U," but John definitely added something new to the material.

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Re: 🎸Prince Fans.....Tonight on CBS 🎸




John Legend Pays Tribute To Prince With Soulful 'Nothing Compares ...




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Re: 🎸Prince Fans.....Tonight on CBS 🎸

No one will ever surpass the brilliance of Prince.   He was truly one of a kind.


I usually don't like tribute shows.  Prefer the original or nothing, but I did enjoy this one.


Thank you Mz iMac for posting about it!



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Re: 🎸Prince Fans.....Tonight on CBS 🎸

My favorite performer that night was Usher. He sure has the moves! ha!


And the energy of Sheila E really poops me out. LOL! She is all in when she is performing.


Great show.

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Re: 🎸Prince Fans.....Tonight on CBS 🎸

CBS is airing the program again tonight @ 7P CDT.



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Re: 🎸Prince Fans.....Tonight on CBS 🎸

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I loved this special somuch that I have watched it 3 times! lol! Huge Prince Fan! My favorites were:


Gary Clark Jr.- The Cross-just beautiful and man he tore up that guitar! lol!


H.E.R. and Misty Copeland- beautiful voice and Misty is so graceful, it was a beautiful performance!


Earth Wind and Fire-phenomenal as always


Morris Day and The Time- So good to see them and they still have it all these years later!


Wendy and Lisa- so good to see both of them! so talented!


Foo Fighters- loved their rendition of Darling Nikki!


Beck- did a great job as well.


Usher-was fantastic.....


Did not care for: John Legend at all.....


Sheila E is so very talented and she did a great job putting this all together! It was very very good! I may watch it a 4th time!!!!! lol!


Forgot about St. Vincent-loved her rendition of Controversy-had never heard of her, but liked it a lot!