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I’m not sure if this is nationwide, but our PBS station started showing the original Prime Suspect last Thursday night from the beginning. Tonight is season one episode two. Gotta love Helen Mirren!

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What a great series and Mirren stood out as she always does when acting.  I watched this series when it came out and was glued to each episode.  I  recommend Prime Suspect , you will enjoy seeing Helen Mirren doing what she does best, acting, and it was a very well done series.

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I love the Jane Tennison character. 

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Terrific show, cast, writing---- first rate. Helen Mirren is really exceptional in the role. I never missed an episode.

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One of my all time favorite police/mystery series! Especially loved how the Jane Tennison character evolved over time. Helen Mirren was incredible.


So many great actors. Many of them showed up later in other BBC shows.