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@CANDLEQUEEN and @Mz iMac - YW! When I like a movie, I go "all in"! Smiley Happy

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Re: Pretty Woman Fans

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@Mz iMac wrote:

@Love my grandkids  I agree w/you 110%.   That movie glorified "street" hookers.   Can you imagine young impressional girls watching that movie thinking that is a normal situation street hooking?  99.9% will end up w/ "Mr. Goodbar."

That being said......

RG never looked so yummy as he did in that movie.


@Mz iMac  @Shelbelle 


Well, he was also pretty yummy in American Gigolo co-starring with Lauren Hutton, if my memory serves me .....   Heart

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@Tinkrbl44Your memory serves you.....


American Gigolo



Looking For Mr Goodbar

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First time I cried during a Richard Gere movie. Will never forget this one.


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american gigolo.......where i first fell in love wih RG! Heart

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