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@Danky2    Why do you continue to answer your phone when this man calls?  In doing so, you're just letting him know that your number has a potential customer who will talk to him.  LET IT RING.

I know I should not but after about 5 calls from HEALTHCARE a day I am ready to scream!

I am this close to having my landline disconnected but I have had the same number for 35 years.......I get the random calls from people who want to give me credit cards, loan me money, fix whatever they think is wrong with me but this HEALTHCARE people are out of there minds. I would love to take it to the end and see what they want. 



That was the best thing I ever did was getting rid of my landline.....the only reason I kept it was in the event of a power outage and an old style phone I could still make calls to a doctor, ER, fire/police station if I couldnt charge my cell phone.....


Butb these spam calls became so overwhelming and so irritating ( I didnt pick up the phone but it rang day and night and I have a relative with health issues if something happened I needed to be contacted soI couldnt turn off the ringer ) Finally I couldnt take it anymore and as soon as I had the land line disconnected---PEACE AND QUIET---AHHHHHHH!!!!   


I have only had 3 spam/robo calls on my cell in the last 5 years...and one was marked as "spam" by my phone carrier and I got a text "phone number marked as spam by your carrier---disconnected" and I added the number to my blocked number list......

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Just remember, these are robo calls; people are not sitting at a desk dialing numbers directly.  The callers are sitting there waiting on a robo dialed call to be answered by a real person.   


I do receive scam calls within my state of WV, which show up as 681 or 304-xxx-xxxx.


The Healthcare Systems calls are coming thru trunk lines of a business switchboard system out of state, because the number that shows up on caller ID is always 1-681 or 1-304-xxx-xxxx.  

I always check numbers before I answer, and also notice my phone will ring an odd very long ring with telemarketing calls.

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Over 20 years ago I complained about sales calls to my phone company, Century Link.  They put a recording on my phone that says, " This number doesn't accept sales calls.  If this is a sales call hang up now". At this point I'm guessing 99% of these calls hang up.  If the caller stays on the line, only then does my phone ring.


I've never had a Medicare, car warranty or other of the annoying common calls.  Once in awhile I see a suspicious phone number, which I don't answer ever.  I can go for days with nothing but personal phone calls.


If I can get this service, why isn't it available to everyone?  Call your phone company and ask.

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The day it finally hit me that sales people were using my landline more than I was, I discontinued it, never missed it.


I only answer calls with the same area code as my phone but every now & then a scammer will spoof a local number.  They all seem to be recordings, easy to hang up.


I get a few texts too.    Most of those are wanting to buy my house.  I have a not so nice return text.

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Why are you answering if you know they are junk calls?  

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I get calls that my car warranty has expired..

I told her yes it expired and so did the car!


I don't answer anymore..Most of those callers don't leave messages.


I got those car warrants calls several times a day for months, always a different phone number.  They stopped when I stopped answering the phone.


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I really wish people would stop answering these calls.  I get that probably one in a hundred (or prob less) have to answer all calls because of family members they care for, etc, but the vast majority of the time it is known that it's not a call from somebody you know.


The reason to not answer them at all is that all you are doing is legitimizing the number and part of how they make money is by selling these phone numbers to more scammers.  Notice that the people who answer them seem to get a LOT more calls than those of us who ignore/block them.   


If you let it ring or, preferably so they cannot leave a message, block the #s (I know they just use different fake #s, but it's  still more than doing nothing) then your number is not legitimized.   I do have some of them that repeat calling and get blocked, so not all of them routinely change the "phone number" we see on our caller ID.   I probably get 1 to 3 a day, max.


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I don't answer calls that I cannot identify.  And when in doubt they can leave a message and I will reply.  


Lots of scams out there.