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Philip Roth: Unmasked



Explore the life of Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning novelist-

Philip Roth, often referred to as the greatest living American writer. 


American Masters: PBS March 29th 2013  


Now available: Amazon Prime 


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Re: Philip Roth: Unmasked

Goodbye, Columbus, one of my all time fave movies!!

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Re: Philip Roth: Unmasked

Philip Roth died a few months ago. I have to admit that Portnoy’s Complaint is one of my favorite books of all time. He was one of our greatest writers.

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Re: Philip Roth: Unmasked

I haven't liked everything of his, but given his huge talent and complexity, that would be a fascinating watch!

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Re: Philip Roth: Unmasked

I believe this was shown shortly before he died. It is very well done. I love a lot of his work. I always believed he would win the Nobel Prize for literature, and hoped he would be alive to see it. Still hope he will. 

This year and maybe next no prize due to sexual misconduct within committee.

Another one of my favorites Alice Munro was honored a few years back. Her writing is the antithesis of Roth’s.

Greatness takes many forms.