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Pet Peeve: Out-of-Date Reruns

I’ll begin by saying TV personalities have the right to their vacations, just like everyone else. However, programs like The View or late night TV shows just can’t get away with showing programs from months ago. Of course I change the channel as soon as I hear about the first debate or Epstein, for example. The network powers-that-be need to come up with something else and stop being cheapskates. Meanwhile, I shall continue NOT to watch.

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Re: Pet Peeve: Out-of-Date Reruns

watching THE VIEW today and they are on their summer break.

i try, but i dont ALWAYS get to watch the show in the morning.....sometimes life or work get in the way.

i am on a semi - break this week and am enjoying watching and listening, especially since they are giving potential candidates the chance to tell us their platform and views on what needs to be done and what is being done the wrong way.

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Re: Pet Peeve: Out-of-Date Reruns

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I really don't care about the summer reruns .... what REALLY bothers me is when the network pre-empts a show for a car chase, a funeral  or a local politician giving a speech.