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@We rescue cats wrote:

He filmed the hockey cult classic "Slapshot" here in our town

Parts of that movie was filmed in the town where I grew up.  I wonder if we could be from the same town on the East coast?  
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@songbird wrote:

He had a handsome face.  Body wise, he was a little guy.  I don't think he was taller then 5'8".  I didn't see Hud.  In fact I've seen very ittle of his films. 



I can recommend a few, starting with The Sting, The Verdict and Road to Perdition.

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I love he and Joanne together in From the Terrace, great film if you love the soapers.  Also he and Liz in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. 

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If you have not seen it, check out one of Paul's later films, "Nobody's Fool," from 1994.


Jessica Tandy, Bruce Willis, and Melanie Griffith are in it.


I enjoyed that one.

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So sexy and handsome!

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Loved Paul Newman. My favorite show of his is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Robert Redford...another Hollywood Hunk!