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Re: Parasite Best Picture Oscar

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If you haven't watched foreign films, give them a try.  One of the reasons I like them so much is they show real people without the glamorous, beautiful people we always see from Hollywood.  I've found foreign films are often gritty and realistic.  Watching subtitles takes practice, but once you get used to them, you kind of forget that you're "reading" the movie.  There's a big movie world out there that goes way beyond the US borders.  



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Re: Parasite Best Picture Oscar

I have closed captioning on everything so I'm used to reading subtitles as well. I think it would be a shame to miss out on some of these wonderful movies because of this. 

Although, I'm politically similar I still hate Hollywood's contest to see who can be the most "woke". 

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Re: Parasite Best Picture Oscar

I never heard of this movie before the Oscars.  The new category for foreign films is now called "International" which some other foreign film won.  Why Parasite was in the Best Picture category I have no idea.  This is my last time fully watching the Oscars.  I may watch the beginning and the end but not inbetween.  It is boring. It has lost its glamour.  There should be dance routines (big productions like Ziegfeld had).  Viewers want to be entertained and get some excellent singers like Celine Dion.  That one strange looking singer with the green and black hair had a pretty voice but so quiet.  She needs to get together with Billy Porter as they both want to be noticed.

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Re: Parasite Best Picture Oscar

@Alter Ego wrote:

I saw it after it won the SAG award; I figured that put it in Oscar's sites so I should give it a try.  I admit I had no clue what it was about, even on the most superficial level. Although I preferred Joker or Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, I thought it was good.  Supposed to be about the class system or something deeper than I wanted to think about. I'm not sure it's a movie that would make sense made in the US.


Although you need to read the dialogue, it's not long soliloquies that take all your time and you miss what's going on on screen. And the directing Oscar is much deserved -  some beautiful camera work. I kind of think it's accessible art; you're not going to not understand it.  Nevertheless, I'm sure not everyone here will like it and will continue to scratch their head at the win.

If you think about it - there have been many British movies that have won so it's not the first International Film.  It's just the first Foreign Language Film to win.


@Alter Ego 


Thanks ....  I can't walk into a film I know nothing about and get into it.  There's a couple nominated films I want to see, and need to find out a little bit more about first.   

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Re: Parasite Best Picture Oscar

@NicksmomESQ wrote:

 I have a problem with a foreign language film winning best picture.They have a foreign film category,at least they used to.That's where it belonged!!

@NicksmomESQ  ... I agree with you 100% .. it did not belong in the best picture category..... it was in the foreign film category & won in that category also.

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Re: Parasite Best Picture Oscar

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I agree that watching a foreign film can be a terrific experience. Being a francophile, I love the movie Amélie. I speak French but the subtitles really helped me understand everything. It's a sweet love story with a little romantic magic thrown in. Another film, which I cannot find anymore, is a joint Russian-French story. I think it was called Window To Paris. It's about a bunch of Russians living in squalid, depressing conditions finding an old armoire and, when they step through it, they are transported to Pais. It's very funny. If anyone knows where I can locate that film, please let me know.

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Re: Parasite Best Picture Oscar

@annabellethecat wrote:

I could never watch anything with sub-titles.


I would go very, very crazy.  I don't read fast.


Even when something is up on the TV I have to go back and rewind it maybe as many as two or three times.


No...that's not for me!


I was thinking people who voted for it maybe did it as a way of saying, "up your's".


Come on!  If you ever watch these 'stars' be interviewed, they constantly tell us they barely have time to go to the bathroom much less watch any movies (even their own).


I do not believe these 'stars' watched this movie and loved it so much they decided it was a winner above and beyond some of the movies in that category.


No way people!

all kinds of people belong to the voting "academy" besides the actors.