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Escape to the chateau, any one watching this?  Just  amazing they want to  do this, must be very rich,and why does she dress like she does?

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I've watched it from the beginning.  Although it's not on my PBS station anymore.  The last time I saw it was on HGTV.


I guess Angel/Angela dresses that way because she like to.  She has an eclectic taste in design too.  Definitely not my style, but I think it suits her.

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I accidentally turned this on one day and have watched it on PBS for quite awhile now, fun to see the progression of the chateau.  I enjoy it, she's lovely and her style is her unique style, and what they come up with in design and ideas is so different and exciting, a departure for sure from any other show.  Really enjoyable.

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It sounds like they're funding renovations / restoration via the TV series.  Great idea.


I'm not watching but look forward to Season Two of All Creatures Great and Small.

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I enjoyed watching this when it was on HGTV. I admit I didn’t initially like Angel but I grew to appreciate her and her creativity. I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful hostess she (and her husband) must be.
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Yes,  does any one wonder about the house is surrounded by water,and they have two kids?  They sure have so much work  to do, i thought the wall paper she did in their bedroom ,was a great idea,they both are very talented, don't have hgtv.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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I adore this show! I have watched on PBS, HGTV and Youtube.  Fascinating ideas and execution.  Angel is highly creative and I often think, oh, I'm not sure about that design but when it's finished, I love it.  ****** is a trained engineer so he is able to execute all of on his own.


His background was retired military and the went into television as a host,producer and director.  Angel ran a very successful catering business in London.


The Chateau is used for events which generates income as well as a website that sells their merchandise. they are paid for the original TV Series on British TV and ****** does other TV shows for income. 

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I watch the show on hgtv. Truly a unique couple. Very talented, although not my style. Love to watch what they come up with in decorating the chateau. Sometimes "artistic" people walk to the tune of a different drummer and are not afraid of looking different. 

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Haven't seen the show, though I've heard of it.  I must say having he show is a plus for money in restoring.  I'm sure they got paid well to do this.  

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My favorite show!  Love the show and love this family!  I wish I could find more seasons of it!  I know there are more but I can't find them.


Also --- Escape to the Chateau -- DIY --- is also great!  I'm watching it on Peacock.  It's not as good as ETTC, but it's very interesting.  

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