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@SharkE   Thanks for this info.   I love Masterpiece and watch so many of their programs.  They are the best and all of these previews look excellent.  Especially Poldark, which I have watched from the beginnning.  He is a hunk!  

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@SharkE....thank you, sweet pea.  Love Masterpiece and especially in the Fall and Winter when we are inside cocooning, lol.

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I can't wait for Poldark !

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Does anyone know if "last tango in Halifax" is being continued?

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Woman Very Happy   I love it.  TY for the link... 

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My sister loves Poldark. I'm waiting for Cromwell (2018 hopefully) and 2nd season of Victoria. Jan. 2018.

I'm history junky.



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Thank you @SharkE. It looks like a stellar lineup!

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@gardenmiss wrote:

Does anyone know if "last tango in Halifax" is being continued?



I haven't heard anything about any future seasons of  "Last Tango in Halifax."  


I loved the first two seasons, but the third season was such a disappointment to me, and if I recall correctly, the reviews were not so good. I wish they could erase that season and resume from the end of season two, but that won't happen.Woman LOL

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Thank you @SharkE.  As usual you are on the ball and know about the latest.  I appreciate that you think of us here and let us know.  Take care.