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Re: Oscars - What Did You Think??

I had high hopes, so had recorded everything from 3PM through the end. After watching back the first 20 minutes, deleted the rest. 


It seemed a "not necessary Awards Show". Theatres being closed for most of the year, movie awards? Not everyone, me included, watched most of the movies, knew some of  the stars or songs that were nominated. 


It was no longer broadcast from the Beverly Hilton and without the usual hosts, it just seemed amateurish.  

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Re: Oscars - What Did You Think??

@RealtyGal2 wrote:

@KatCat1 wrote:

It's a thumbs down from me.  I did not care for the format.  It was quite BORING.  I was expecting that they would sing the songs nominated.  I mean it's Hollywood they could have made arrangements for singers.  Even the fashion was not that great.   How about you what did you think?

I loved the format and the location - what great architecture. Apparently you missed the red carpet on ABC. They played all the songs during the red carpet. I think this was great because it gave the winners more time to talk. Also, I don't know what fashion you were looking at, but I thought this was the best fashion in a long time. I did not see one dress I did not think was beautiful. They showed more fashion on "E" during the red carpet (than on ABC) so you may not have seen all the dresses. I was switching channels back and forth so I did not miss anything. Even the stylists on "E" said that there was not a bad dress at the event.

i didn't watch but I have seen pictures of the fashions.  The best I have seen in yearsSmiley Happy

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Re: Oscars - What Did You Think??

I liked the Oscars.  They reminded me of the Golden Globe Awards were people sit around a table having drinks and talking.  I also liked having fewer people at the show and having a DJ instead of an orchestra.

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Re: Oscars - What Did You Think??

In recent years Oscars were broadcasted from the Dolby Theater in LA. Daytime emmys came from the Beverly Hilton. 

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Re: Oscars - What Did You Think??

I thought they did a good job with what they were dealt.  I missed part of the awards because a friend called and we reminisced about the great Oscar parties we used to go to when we lived in So CA.  I have always loved  Union Station.  I thought that was a lovely venue instead of a theater.