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I read his wife the actress Ally Mills plays Pam on the Bold and the Beautiful....hoping she finds comfort and support of family and friends

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I was so sad to hear this news earlier today.


He had such a long and varied career. I loved him on Dr Quinn and I just recently saw him on an episode of Grace and Frankie.


Here he is on the set of Dr Quinn with his wife, Alley Mills, who played Marjorie Quinn.



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RIP, Mr Bean.  


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That's a shame.  I didn't know he was still alive and active in TV and theater.  I remember him from his To Tell The Truth days, when he sat on a panel with the likes of Kitty Carlisle and Arlene Francis.  That was a fun group!

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Late at night the old Tattletales show with Burt Convey is on TV.  I remember watching it when it first was on and seeing all the reruns is nostalgic.  Many times Orson Bean and his wife at the time, Carolyn, were on, both funny.  When it heard the news of the tragic death of Orson Bean, this show came to mind although not the only thing Orson was involved in during his career.


May he rest in peace with God, he has left his mark in the entertainment field.

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Alley Mills is 68 and Bean was 91. I'm around her age and cant imagine being married to someone 91!

I always like Bean who was a TV "fixture" in the '60s and '70s. What a terrible way to go, being hit by two cars(the second car being the fatal one. First car knocked him down, second ran him over from what I read).
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Article said he was jay was just a terrible accident....drivers were not sad

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@lmt Alley is 23 years younger, they have been married for 27 years.  Wishing her much peace, always a challenge to accept the transition of a loved one.

@lmt wrote:

I was so sad to hear this news earlier today

Here he is on the set of Dr Quinn with his wife, Alley Mills, who played Marjorie Quinn.



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They were married in 1993, so 26+ years, and she is 23 years his junior.

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what a multi-talented guy he was. he always brought a smile to my face.  Godspeed.

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@henderson wrote:

@esme wrote:

A terrible shame!  Idiot, inattentive drivers!!

It was reported that he was jaywalking.


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