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Re: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

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i just wanted to say that I agree with you regarding the end of this movie. I have not seen it nor do I plan to, but I know how it ends. When I read about it, I commented to my husband that I thought it was kind of disrespectful to the victim’s loved ones. You are the first person ( I think ) that seems to have the same thoughts. 

Perhaps it is because I was 17 when the crimes occurred and to this day, they still horrify me. 


@ReggieRagu   Thanks for your post.  It is very disrespectful as you say.  Also, I found myself actually laughing out loud at how Leo dispenses with the Manson family member in the pool (it's supposed to be humorous) but really, there is nothing funny about the real tragedy, and Tarantino making light entertainment out of it is shameful IMO.  (Even though again, I liked the film overall).


By the way, there are a ton of cameos in the film.  I recognized Kurt Russell right away and Luke Perry, and Bruce Dern as the owner of Spahn ranch.  Margaret Qualley, Andie MacDowell's real life daughter, was the hitchhiker who liked Brad.  Dakota Fanning is Squeaky Fromme!  I didn't recognize her with the red hair in the film (I've since looked up the cast on Imdb).  And I still can't place Clu Gulager in the film, even though I saw in the cast credits who he played.  


@GoinBacktoCali   I think it was you who mentioned this above - I doubt whether the love triangle with Jay Sebring being in love with Tate is true.  In all these 50 years I've never read anything about that before.

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Re: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

I read that the film was loosley based on Burt Reynolds and his stunt double Hal Needham.