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Re: On 20/20 tonight Friday January 31

Yes, authors loved to promote the "similarity in looks" among his victims. But the police boards of his victims revealed the reality: from age to appearance, they varied. They only had to be FEMALE. For the love of Mike, he even attacked strangers in bed.

And chuck the "handsome killer" nonsense. Aside from those he attacked from behind, some women were naive, falling for his handicap ruse--others were not. The Lake Sammamish incident, for one, revealed a number of young women who came forward, saying that they questioned why he'd be asking THEM for help in a park full of MEN.

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Re: On 20/20 tonight Friday January 31

Bundy was jilted by a wealthy California woman he dated for a year and a half. she rejected him for several reasons, one being his lack of career goals.  Educated and accomplished,  she described Bundy as weak. not masculine and a user.  No backbone.   he knew she was out of her league... the time frame was the late 60s. Her hair was long,brown and parted in the center.


After a few years Bundy reconnected with her - he was aleady involved with the longtime girlfreind Elizabeth.  Bundy had earned a Psych degree and applied to Law school,  his social profile had been elevated, rubbing elbows with politicos so he felt he was in a solid position to start seeing her again .  She was receptive and they discussed marriage. Abruptly, Bundy stopped phoning her and after weeks and weeks with no explanation  his words were: huh no idea what you are talking about.       Turned out It was a revenge rekindling and breakup on Bundy's part, Not long after this  the women started to disappear.