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OUTLANDER Season 4 Finale Sunday

This is just a reminder for anyone who likes reminders (and for those like me who need them from time to time!).


OUTLANDER's season 4 finale is Sunday night at whatever time it's on in your area.

I've noticed that the On Demand version may be on a bit earlier.


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Re: OUTLANDER Season 4 Finale Sunday

I am looking forward to the finale.


It will be interesting to see where the story ends tonight.


I am sure it will be close to a year before the next season begins.  Maybe I will read the next book before that happens.

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Re: OUTLANDER Season 4 Finale Sunday

I have watched the finale today and I liked it.  I thought season 4 in general was a little slow and not as good as prior seasons.  I did not finish this book, so I don't know how this season's book ended, but I know several people on Facebook are complaining about the ending.  I thought the last two episodes of this season were good. It is hard for the writers to condense 1100 pages of a book into 13 episodes.

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Re: OUTLANDER Season 4 Finale Sunday

I’ve enjoyed this series from the start and can even accept the Brianna character’s bad acting. My Sunday nights will be at a loss until I adjust to no more Outlander for awhile. I shall be on the lookout for seasons 5 and 6, which have been promised. I haven’t read the books and I don’t intend to, given that books are richer in detail and content than any film can portray. I refuse to set myself up for disappointment. As it is, I am hooked on Outlander. My husband is too.

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Re: OUTLANDER Season 4 Finale Sunday

As one who had not read the books, I do think the finale redeemed this whole season for me.  It made up for being annoyed with Brianna most of the time.


Ian (always referred to as Young Ian) had such a grin.  I hope we see him and Rollo next season.  


Murtaugh and Jocasta actually did not suprise me.  It seemed to be "in the stars," so to speak.


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Re: OUTLANDER Season 4 Finale Sunday

I do love Outlander.  Now we are in "Droughtlander".  I liked this season more than season 3. In season 3, when they got to the island (what was it?) to rescue Young Ian, it just felt kinda "hokey" to me. The other seasons felt like they could have really happened. Of course, the first season will always be the best to me.  I just love the beginning of the love story between Claire and Jamie.   

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Re: OUTLANDER Season 4 Finale Sunday

@GingerPeach  I have so many questions.  I recently binge watched all the seasons that I missed which was 1 thru 3 and was wondering did Frank transport?  Some think that Captain Randall and Frank are really the same person.  Notice that he seemed unperturbed when she told him "everything," which brings up another question what exactly did she tell him as the audience wasn't privy to it.  She should have told him of Capt Randall's brutality not only to her but to Jaime and that he was a dead ringer for Frank.  And when Claire thought Jaime was dead, was there a conversation about that with Frank?  Did he tell her he was dead? I think in the book he knew he wasn't but kept it from her.  


Also, when Claire and Jaime were in that terrible shipwreck and Jaime jumped into the water to rescue odd that after washing up on shore he did not perform any kind of medical assistance for her.  Was that not known back then?  Would it not make any sense to Jaime to at least put her on her side to see if she would spit up the water.  But he did nothing and then suddenly she coughs and there she is wide awake and back with the living.  No chest compressions no mouth to mouth....ok so he would not know to do that, but to do nothing at all?