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Re: OMG! Just Shoot Me Now!



Sorry if I wasn't clear.  I meant if you are sitting in the LR with her, rather than just sitting there, do something that will feel "productive" while spending time with her.   

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Re: OMG! Just Shoot Me Now!

THAT's one of our things we do together.  We watch TV.  Today it is raining.


She gets very little rain in Colorado and said she is enjoying the day just sitting in the house with me.


I just love being in the same room with her.  She's a wonderful friend and daughter.  Tomorrow we will run around and have lunch with my oldest daughter.  Then probably have lunch the next day with my friend (daughter calls her Aunt) of 53 years who just lost her husband.


But today is our day to just sit and watch her shows.  


She's a person who flicks from one channel to another.  You never fully see an entire show.  


My husband was like that.  I guess I got used to it.  Incidentally, I'm sitting in the room with her.  I've joked on here before that I do 2 or 3 things at one time....I flit around too...gee...that's where she gets it from.....

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Re: OMG! Just Shoot Me Now!

I get it. I think we could all write a good Hallmark movie in 60 minutes. I have no idea how I lived in a dorm or was the youngest child of several. Spent too much time viewing shows and movies I didn't care about. When daughter visits she catches up on weird reality shows. She wants me to sit with her and discuss the strange people. She knows I cannot. I also cannot watch Naked & Afraid with my husband. Or Alone. He likes the wilderness challenge shows. I tried. My weird deal.  

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Re: OMG! Just Shoot Me Now!

@Annabellethecat, I agree with you.  Sitting with your child, even watching something you don’t care for, is productive time.

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Re: OMG! Just Shoot Me Now!

I have a couple of friends and relatives that love them but I'm not a fan either.  I literally would rather watch paint dry.

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Re: OMG! Just Shoot Me Now!

@Annabellethecat  I agree,the Hallmark movies are small doses.  I can't take a full diet of them.  You're a good Mom and a gracious hostess.  And I agree just sitting with adult children is enjoyable,life is hectic enough,we need a little down time together.

Hope your eye surgery is a breeze.

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Re: OMG! Just Shoot Me Now!

I feel your pain...LOL   I watch 2 or 3 Hallmark movies during the Christmas season.  I'll sit there with my tree and lights on and cookies baking or while I'm wrapping presents and I'm in the mood for some mindless holdiday entertainment.  But my sister eagerly waits for the Hallmark Christmas movies, she can't get enough of them.  I admit, I get a little bristly when she visits on a Sunday afternoon and THAT is what she wants to look at on tv...LOL She's my guest so I have to sit and watch with her and pretend to enjoy it.  She likes all the Hallmark programming.