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@Just Bling  Don't forget " The top pocket find" !!!

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I was thinking speaking of Alex, he's also a producer of the show

and someone valued his worth at 100 million.  


Someone commented on something I read that the 2 brothers should get off the show and let Alex run the exploration.  I don't agree with that but everyone has their own opinion.


I also read that they don't know of any relationship with anyone, I thought that blonde gal who helps move dirt/soil would be the perfect match for him.  Tuesdays show was so funny, the camera got both of them butts up scraping soil in their own rectangle.  

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I don't care at all about the treasure. I believe someone found it centuries ago..

I just want to know who hid the treasure. I also like the relationship between the 2 brothers. My favorite person was Dan. His son Dave retired, he said all those curse words after his brain was injured during a work related accident. 

Next week I will watch another fascinating show,the Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch.

In one episode,the scientists  were ouside and saw a Ufo. The crew were able to get it on film. 

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It seems pretty obvious that Samuel Ball found the treasure (bought one plot on the island and found something and bought lots more plots!) and was very smart and kept it quiet. How the heck did a "cabbage farmer" (farming cabbage that far north? And just where on that tiny island full of rocky soil? Where was the farm?) become one of the richest men in the country? Seems pretty obvious but fun to watch the boys play with their big toys in the sand and mud. Keep digging fellas!

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This show has gone the unsatisfying route of so many other treasure hunt shows. Until an actual true treasure is found and I see it on Smithsonian or Nat Geo, I'm done.

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I used to watch faithfully but lost interest and the last two seasons it's like I can come in on any of the newer episodes and find that I haven't missed a thing.


I never liked Dan, I thought he was a grumpy, old man and his son was too.  I just thought Dave didn't want to be back there anymore.


They need to hook up with Josh Gates from Expedition Unknown - another treasure hunter that doesn't find a thing!

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Every week when I watch the show, and assume there IS really a lot of valuable treasure very well hidden .......  how the heck did they think anyone would ever recover it?   


Didn't they give THAT any thought?