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O/T: Trying to figure out this new tv/Hulu/individual channels confusion?

I hope I'm not the only one wondering this, & maybe someone has figured it out by now & can clue me in: my dh & I subscribe to DirecTv Entertainment package, but aren't happy with the dwindling offerings & added charges for anything & everything (for example, $10 monthly for HD, then $10 monthly for the DVR...SERIOUSLY?! $20 before we even talk about the channels we're getting?!) Even renegotiating for extra credits, it is still getting too costly for what we no longer even get, which are channels they've removed from our package-but still raising the rates!

We have tried Hulu, but it seems every time we have a show we hope to watch on there, they have a notice that if we want to watch it, we'll have to go to the individual channel's website and watch it there, because they don't let Hulu offer it (for example, Sci-Fi Channel or Biography Channel.) If that's the case, why bother paying for Hulu in the first place? Or will we be able to access the shows that way, since we paid for it on Hulu? I'm so confused by all this. Is there an easier way to get these channels? I would prefer to get what I want, and refuse the rest. Too bad they don't let us do this.

DirecTv has recently removed 2 of my favorite channels from our tier, OWN & BIO. I am getting tired of paying more for less.

Has anyone found a worthwhile solution? I don't like the way i see this is going, I wonder if we will end up paying a la carte through the nose, one day? It seems that to get the same channels we used to get, we have to pay different businesses for the privilege. This is getting ridiculous.


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