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Now streaming "Young Sheldon"

I wish I'd seen it sooner.  It's so funny.  What a cute show.  It's on Showtime. I'm going to watch all 5 seasons.  What a great show.

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Re: Now streaming "Young Sheldon"

@qualitygal  It is a cute, funny show!  I discovered it late at night on the fox station that also re-airs the Big Bang theory.  Honestly, I kind of expected it to be silly when it was originally on as a new show. I was surprised how much I really enjoyed it. Too bad it didn't make it a couple more seasons.  *Also, the lady that plays his mother is the actual daughter of the lady who plays Sheldon's mom on the Big Bang (she played on Rosanne as the character Jackie)

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Re: Now streaming "Young Sheldon"

I really enjoy this show too. For those of you who, like me, don't get Showtime the first five seasons started streaming on Netflix the day after Thanksgiving. 


I didn't count the actual episodes but it looks like there's at least a hundred at around 20 minutes each. That's a lot of fun, wholesome entertainment! Smiley Happy