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Norman Lear has passed

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RIP. He was great at what he did.

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He sure made a lot of hit shows!

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a lit candle with the words rip rest in peace
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Wow, 101! Didn't realize he was that old...well, that's a good run, as they say. RIP🕯️

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He's an American treasure that had a huge impact on our culture.....a positive impact, IMO.

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What an incredible legacy he leaves behind!!


 RIP Norman Lear. There will never be another like you!! I'm sure you're already making them laugh in heaven!! You will be missed.💐❤️

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A true geniuus, and a real mensh !! We thank you, Mr Lear for thousands and thousands of laughs for over 50 years. 

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Norman and Archie and Edith will be making everyone up in heaven laugh!!!

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What a true television genius! I hate to hear of his passing.

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Norman Lear Breaks His Own Record as Oldest Emmys Winner |



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