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Just read a review of the above film. Now that I know David Strathairn is in the film I desperately want to see it. He is absolutely one of ny fav actors.

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I agree, loved him when he played Edward R. Murrow in Good Night and Good Luck and rooted for him to win the Oscar, great performance.  He doesn't get the recognition other big name actors get, but he always puts in an excellent performance whether it be movies or TV.  I look forward to seeing him in Nomadland.

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@evilmomlady I was able to get a free month Hulu membership, check on their website as it was pretty easy to do ... I just made sure that a day prior to the month end date I cancelled it.  

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I watched it a couple of months ago. It was okay, I didn't think it was Oscar worthy though.

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See the source image

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He was unrecognizable in the movie.  His voice was familiar and I finally realized it was him.


I appreciate the movie but didn't care for it.