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A beautiful spirit...A beautiful legacy...A beautiful woman.





Nichelle Nichols

"What If I Fall?

Oh My Darling, What If You Fly?"

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Beautiful photo selections of a beautiful woman, Tique.   The elder Nichelle has an aura possessed by very few, in my opinion.  Wisdom.  Understanding.  Compassion.  These traits seem to radiate from her in the second photo.  She has a gracious dignity.


May Nichelle Nichols rest in peace.

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A wonderful, informative program on PBS from 2011 with Nichelle, Angie Dickinson, Stephanie Powers and Linda Evans focusing on women in television:




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@Tique This is the perfect picture with that magnificent hair. Love her and inspired by her dignity and professionalism.  

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She certainly was great one on Star Treck.  I remember telling my dad when I was young that I wanted to be her when I grew up and work on the enterprise, I loved the outfit she wore!!!    May she RIP, what an inspiration she was to many.

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She was gorgeous.  I wanted to look like her.  Gorgeous......



RIP Nichelle Nichols

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She always came across as royalty to me.  She was very regal and elegant.  RIP.