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I dread next week. How do you watch 15 shows basically showing at the same time.  I know, slight exaggeration but still, do they all have to start the same week, new and old. 


There are a couple of new shows I want to try out and naturally the returning shows.  I can only record 2 at a time and even then I have to go to another room to watch a third.

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Ok @grandma2pkmh-

that made me laugh.

I think you will need a vacation esp. if you have to go to another room.

Thats a lot of work!

I thought dvrs could record more than that.

But I don't have one so I'm clueless.

I just know my daughter has a lot recorded.

But we are  going to cut the cable soon.

I've been looking into antennas, "streaming" things which everyone seems to know what they are-sling tv and others look promising.

I wish I could just pick the 20 or so channels I want!

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