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New TV Show - Marvel's Inhumans - Possible Spoilers (Eventually)

So, I'm watching something I never watch because I'm not a SciFi kind of person.  My daughter is and so is my other daughter's family (young people).


Anyway, I like to keep up as much as I can (I try) Ha!  Something about people that look human coming to earth from the moon...whatever.


But (please tell me I'm just reading too much into this) because I really want to TRY to watch and understand it a little....stretching my brain..let's call it.


The guy from the moon walks out after putting on a regular suit without paying.  The girl in the store calls the police.  They show up and just for walking out in the suit the policeman draws his gun and the man shakes off (not beating the cop, just shaking him off) and suddenly every cop car around is there, the cops jump out and beat the heck out of the poor moon guy. 


What the heck?  It just seems like it makes the cops look like barbarians...beating with wands this guy over and over, while people are video taping the incident.


Maybe I'm over analyzing this thing?  It doesn't seem very SciFi to me.



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Re: New TV Show - Marvel's Inhumans - Possible Spoilers (Eventually)

Can't believe ABC took off Last Man Standing to put a show like this on.  Won't watch it.

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Re: New TV Show - Marvel's Inhumans - Possible Spoilers (Eventually)

I watched the first hour then switched channels.  I think the idea of the police beating the man was that they were against the "inhumans" who had strange abilities/powers. In another scene a girl was running away from men with guns chasing her.  They caught up to her and killed her. She,too, was "inhuman".  I like some scifi but not this show.

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Re: New TV Show - Marvel's Inhumans - Possible Spoilers (Eventually)

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I lasted about 1 1/2 hrs.  The inhuman theme is from the comic books.  Last I watched Marvel Agents of Shield, like two seasons ago, the inhuman theme was driving the plot. This was interesting in that it explained the whole teragenosis thingy.  They said that it was embedded in our DNA and once exposed to the blue stone the person's true gift would come out.  that is unless you were human all the way, no inhuman DNA.  Which is what the brother was that overthrew the "king" and "queen".  SOooo the new king believes the only way for them to survive is to challenge earthlings and take back their rightful home.  which apparently they fled to the moon from a looong time ago.  LOL.  Now what I thought.  Two hours of it much too long for my attention span,  The costumes and makeup, special efforts were third rate.  Acting?  Just ok.  The bulldog was really out there.  


now i I have a question.  Just before I drifted off completely The Hoof was on the beach with a bunch of surfer dudes.  It sounded like when I drifted back that he had told them who he was and they said what?  "Hell yes! Hang with us???"