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Re: New Law and Order..3/3/2022

Sam Waterston agreed to come back only if he could have a one year contract.  He's 81 yrs young.

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Re: New Law and Order..3/3/2022

I just watched it. A big snore. I can't stand that A.D.A. actor. He's just wooden.


No more for me.

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Re: New Law and Order..3/3/2022

Gave in and watched the second episode this morning on HULU.


Donovan will always be Michael Weston.  Burn Notice was a great series and Donovan fit the part perfectly, although I find his acting a little stiff.

I do not think Donovan is as versatile as needed for this new role; between Burn Notice and the second (?) series of Fargo those roles fit him better.



Camryn Manheim (sp) is horribly miscast. Manheim at this point is so well known for other series, even Ghost Whisperer, that I think her talent is wasted here.  I find her acting stilted at best.


Anthony Anderson doesn't bother me.


Sam Waterston (sp) was not needed.  I think Wolf threw him in for the purpose of drawing the die-hard fans of the series.


Hugh Dancy is ok; at least he brings some thought to the cases.


I think the problem is Wolf would have been better off doing better casting.


Most of us have the characters etched in our memory; Michael Moriaty,

George Dzunda,  Richard Brooks, Steven Hill, all the originals.  When Wolf would replace them he chose actors that were capable of taking over.  S. Epatha, Orbach, etc. - all fit perfectly.



This second episode was just so obvious it took only a few minutes to figure it out.  No deep twists and turns.

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Re: New Law and Order..3/3/2022

I'm just dealing with Hugh Dancey aging about 20 years!

I no longer find him attractive at all. He is much too thin.