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I've been enjoying the new Walker (Texas Ranger) series offered on Hulu.  It's on Thursdays on some regular station, but I'm not sure which one.  Anyway, I'm liking it a lot. . . 

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@dsk it's on The CW. I decided not to watch this show, I never watched the original. 

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Re: New Hulu series

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  1. I may decide to, watch the show on Hulu.


This is a little OT. The new "Superman and Lois" is quite good. I saw the show on demand. The CW programs like "Arrow" are on Netflix, and Batwoman is on HBO MAX. 


I know  these programs are made by different production companies and the older episodes are shown on the streaming service that pays the most for the content. 

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I'll watch it on xfinity ondemand since I don't have live hulu.