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This Sunday, 10/11 should be late, there is a 4:25 football game on CBS.

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I've watched this show from episode 1 and had no idea she wore a wig!!!  I also thought her curls were just straightened out.  I guess if each wig is $12-15K, it better look real.


I didn't recognize Grace acting as her receptionist.  She's grown up so much!  Beautiful girl.


I too think this season looks very promising.  I'm wondering if that lawyer Alicia met at bond court and who helped her out with that inheritance case might become a regular.  It kinda seems she might.



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This is the first I'm hearing about a wig.  This season's wig is awful.  Starting with the color.


If you look at the promo that comes on before it starts, her hair is darker and a better color.


I'm guessing they wanted to lighten it a bit as she's getting older and softens her features.

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Each episode is less believable than the one before. Really, the mother never charged with possessing and distributing CP. Not a chance.