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Re: New Documenary on Netflix

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I'm home sick and happened to put this on the other day.


I watched it because DH and I differ significantly on this topic. I have to say, I don't have the same reaction the OP had. My take from it was that my views on how oppressive it is in 100% of cases for women and not really consensual may not be accurate. I study and work in Economic Development and in particular women's empowerment so it was really hard to watch. But I'm a reasearcher and I search for the truth and I don't just investigate what make me comfortable.


IMO, it shocked me that these young women (even if socioeconomic or familial issues are factors ) were so eager to be a part of it. I didn't catergorize it as abuse due to how engaged they were from the moment he met them; they were instantly all over each other. I didn't see it as brainwashing as they were in the business long before participating in Rocco's film. He's an icon in the industy and they seemed honored to be chosen.


I have to accept that doing this may entirely be a choice for many women. The older adult actress from Britain also explicitly stated that for her it's a choice and very empowering. Therefore, I need to reexamine my views on this because I may be extremely biased due to my field and my own personal views.


Rocco also asked every actress before any scenes what they were comfortable doing. Every scene was discussed beforehand in detail. No one walked in blindly to what would be happening.


I'm not in support of this industry but I work hard to remain objective whenever I see a documentary, conduct research etc. and in life. As we get older, that becomes harder to do. I work tiredlessly on this end so I can be an asset and to keep learning.

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