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Re: New Diane Keaton movie.


I saw the movie yesterday (05/16).  It was not an award-winning film, but it was okay.  There were some laughs and it had a few serious messages too, IMO.  Friendship is important in our senior years.  Activity is important in our senior years.  Also, I liked how the senior citizens stood up to overly controlling adult children, sassy teenyboppers and peer authority figures.

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Re: New Diane Keaton movie.

Hardly seems possible doesn't it that so much time has gone by.  Don't remember the commercials, but her younger sister was in most of my classes in junior high and high school from the mid-60's to early 70's and I used to hear her telling her friends about what Diane was up at that moment in her career.    Little did we all know her sister was going to become so famous. 




Anyone else remember Keaton in the 1960s - before she was famous - in the deodorant commercials? for Hour after Hour.

I certainly do....seems like it was only yesterday, not half a century ago.

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Re: New Diane Keaton movie.

@CARMIE wrote:

This movie is based on some real life seniors who are Pom Pom girls. my local news showed the real life ladies in action....and they were really good.


i don't usually go to the movies.  We have been having problems with young people fighting at the theaters, especially the ones at the mall.  Last week a young girl shopping with her mother  got her leg broken by these fighting teens.


The police are having quite a time with controlling these mostly underage kids.

I wish the mall would ban unsupervised kids.  Their parents drop them off and leave.


I will wait until it comes out on DVD.  I like Diane Keaton movies and I am happy to support older actresses.


This is a picture of the Real Sun City Poms.





Your city needs to do what they did here.....there was a problem with teenagers at an older small mall, fights, shp lifting etc....not in the movie theater but in other areas of the mall....they located a police sub station right in the mall....That quickly cleared it up..GREAT SOLUTION and it cleared out the teenagers...Now the mall is back to regular security....and the malll now has  been taken over by people that like to walk, the mall is cooler than walking in the hot summer sun....Such a different atmosphere...

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Re: New Diane Keaton movie.

@SPURT   There is a police sub station at the mall and the regular police station is about a mile away.


Right now these kids are not allowed to go to a movie without a parent or guardian that will not be over until passed curfew.  This will probably work for a while, but once school lets out, they will be out of school during the day.


i very seldom go to any of the malls unless I really have to.  In the morning there are seniors there walking.  By lunch time, they are gone. The kids will be up and be at the mall by the then...instant babysitters.  Most of the time, they are just in groups and are loud, but sometimes things go wrong..including gun shots and fights.


I can see why people order on line..that way you only have to contend with the porch pirates.

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Re: New Diane Keaton movie.


@Sooner wrote:

Not on my radar at all.  What happened to movies like Steel Magnolias?

I saw the movie. It was sweet, funny, moving, and much more like Steel Magnolia’s than you may think. Diane Keaton’s character started this club bc you had to be active in a least one club to live in this “senior’s only” community. No other one appealed to her. She soon realized being a POMS girl averted her focus  away from the fact that she was dying of cancer. She chose not to live out her last months holed up in a room, day after day, with the blinds drawn. And she  told no one she was sick. The movie did not make fun of seniors. It celebrated them and with great attitudes, no matter what the obstacle!! Diane Keaton’s character was a loner at the beginning of the movie. But by the end, and before her character’s passing, she realized the importance of friendships, especially later in life. My friends and I all enjoyed it very much.