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Just finished watching the keepers, horrible story about a priest that rapes girls at the school in Baltimore. A wonderful nun that most people loved ended up being murdered, it's just terrible Story of how the Catholic Church will go to protect its own at the expense of young girls and boys. Still goes on today!

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I will have to pass on this one . But i do appreciate shows that to try to shed a light on these horrible things that might stop this happening in the future to someone else , if it can stop one person from going thru this would be worth it.

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I think it's based on a true story. The story is horrific but (IMO) well done.

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@Thats Me   Yes -- it was based on a true story.  What happened was terrible -- but I agree about it being well done.  I thought it was excellent.

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I watched this program and was very moved.  I grew up Catholic and we always trusted the Priests and Nuns.  I didn't go to Catholic school so I never was close enough to them.  This matter is horrific and I hope they prosecute all that are guilty and help all that are affected.

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This story has been out there for a while. I was educated in Baltimore City Catholic schools...not always a positive experience. This priest was assigned to our parish for a brief time, but I have no memory of him or these crimes.  We did later find out one of the priests in our high school was caught peeping in people's windows. He always did give us the willies.