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This life portrait honors nature author Rachel Carson, whose writings led to new laws on pesticides and ushered in an environmental movement. 


Director: Michelle Ferrari 


Initial release: 2017 


PBS: Biographical Movies, Documentaries 

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This one sounds like something I’d like!

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@Sweet_Serenity The Rachel Carson estuaries near me up north are beautiful.  Were it not for her I"m sure it would just be another over crowded messy coastline. 


Wonderful woman. 

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I have seen this.  I still have a copy of "Silent Spring", sittng out and not packed away.



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Re: Netflix: Rachel Carson

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And yet, when she released "Silent Spring", she was trashed by other scientists and big chemical corporations.  After all, DDT and other pesticides were big, big business.  She was labeled a "hysterical woman", amongst other derogatory names.


Thank God she stood strong and held to her beliefs, refusing to back down.  She set in motion a chain of events that have benefited all of us, the environment and wildlife.  A remarkable woman.


ETA:  I also have her book "A Sense of Wonder".  I love it.

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@Sweet_Serenity @Venezia @Cakers3 @Jtdmum 


Here are a couple of things found on an internet search...oh, how little I know!




From  the National Resource Defense Council:




She was a very incredible person!

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Thank God for Rachel Carson who did so much for our health and well being.  Fighting corrupt greedy corporations who don't care about anything but profit isn't easy and I salute such an asset to the cause.  These are the people I admire and respect and who hold important places in society in my opinion.