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Re: 🙃 Netflex The Tinder Swindler 🙃

@chiclet wrote:

I must be the most distrusting person in the world because when money would come up that would be it for me.  All those elaborate stories he told them sounded stupid to me. 

I want to feel sorry for those women but I just don't understand it.  I guess we hear, see and believe what we want to hear, see and believe and logic goes out the window. 

@chiclet  - I'm with you.  I'm not comfortable with lending money to anyone.

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Re: 🙃 Netflex The Tinder Swindler 🙃

I just read in the NY Post that this criminal has signed with a LA based manager named Gina Rodriguez. She also represents Mama June. 

The pair have purportedly discussed “a bunch of plans to parlay Leviev’s new Netflix fame into profit and an entertainment career.”


I just do not understand the making criminals famous. He has swindled millions of dollars from people. UGH.     

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Re: 🙃 Netflex The Tinder Swindler 🙃

@lenapecci    the sad thing is now due to the Netflix show he has an instant audience. producers will see big $$$ .   like a train wreck - can't look away

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Re: 🙃 Netflex The Tinder Swindler 🙃

I watched this yesterday. How is it possible he only did five months in jail, hasn't paid back the money he owes the women, and seems to have regained his wealth? He has a girlfriend which I don't get why anyone would date him, as for the women, after loaning him $10,000 and having him not repay it, why would you keep giving him more?

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Re: 🙃 Netflex The Tinder Swindler 🙃

What's with the Go Fund Me?  Didn't these women make $$ from Netflix? 

The Scamees become the Scammers