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Re: Need help with Netflix suggestions

Yes, you can search for the name of the movies, shows, actors/actresses, etc. on Netflix.  I usually browse the new releases every couple of weeks or so if I have time.  I don't really care for the "suggestions" that Netflix provides me based on my movies watched!

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Re: Need help with Netflix suggestions

I love British mysteries and have found a lot on Netflix.  Add Vera and George Gently to your list.  I'm also enjoying an Australian series "A Place to Call Home."   Inspector Lewis  is a favorite along with Midsomer Murders.  

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Re: Need help with Netflix suggestions

And for a good laugh, try the British series Miranda, episodes are arount 30 minutes and it is hysterical. Miranda Hart is great. 

- Train to Lisbon, Jeremy Irons.

- Morse

- Lion Heart


Type your preferences on the search window.

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Re: Need help with Netflix suggestions

You can do that or you can search by category. Scroll up or down till you see the category window click on that and search that way too. There is a Netflix originals subcategory where they have some of the shows we mentioned. Have fun. Smiley Happy

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Re: Need help with Netflix suggestions

@feline groovy wrote:

I have several faves, but one in particular - "Happy Valley", a British crime drama series headed by an awesome woman - encompasses all of your likes, LOL.


It's also critically-acclaimed; just Google for reviews. 

Feline groovy:  I also really enjoyed Happy Valley and I was hoping they would make a new series but apparently they are all too busy right now to even think about it.  The blond woman cop is played by Sarah Lancashire. 


I recently came across another series on Netflix she is in, Last Tango in Halifax, which I totally enjoyed, also because one of the other leads is Derek Jacoby.  There are three series so far and I read recently that they are thinking about filming one more series, but I don't know when.  You might really enjoy it.