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I am sorry to read about this.


As far as lecturing "some posters" regarding unkind terms regarding mental illness-we have lost posters to suicide and I have NEVER seen unkind remarks made about the deceased.


We also have posters who lost loved ones to suicide, including myself, and I have NEVER seen unkind remarks made to the surviving posters. 


All of this is speculation, as far as I can tell.


The issue isn't about posters; the issue is about the loss of Naomi Judd and the sorrow her daughters and other loved ones are experiencing.


Let's have compassion for them instead of berating anonymous posters.


Self-righteous huffing has no place here.

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@rms1954  It's a genteel way of saying that she killed herself.

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I am sorry to hear this sad news.  While not a country music fan, I did enjoy the Judds, their harmony and songs brought them much success and well deserved.  Mental illness is such a horrible disease, one that is complex and still struggling for cures.  I know amd knew people who had mental illnesses and it was a very sad and difficult ordeal for each one.


Naomi Judd has left her mark in the world of music and as a loving mother.  May she be at peace with God.  Her music will live on.

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Re: Naomi Judd died

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I live with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, so I will call out people here who stigmatize mental health issues and I don't care one bit about any poster's opinion about that. I just wish there was an ignore option here.


The stigmatizing happens constantly here. The former Miss USA who took her own life recently, several unkind cruel comments about her. Just one example 



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RIP Naomi Judd. I haven't seen any unkind posts about Naomi or her having mental illness.  I didn't read every post, though, and maybe a few of them were deleted. 

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I'm sorry for her family. If what they are reporting is true, may Naomi finally be at peace; restful, comfortable and light.
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Re: Naomi Judd died

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I adored her and Wynonna.  I went to The Judds concert back in the 90s when they did their reunion tour.  I had a ticket to see their final reunion tour this October.  


Wynonna is an exceptional singer as a solo artist but there was something special and angelic when they performed and sang as a duo.


I'm heartbroken

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I don't think Naomi was ever able to reconcile or deal with the relationship (or lack thereof) with her Mother.

(Per her autobiography).

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@RoughDraft wrote: 


Suicide confirmed

@RoughDraft - I didn't see that in that article.

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I am sad to hear she passed away..She was a lovely and talented woman. I think we are talking cause and effect of her disease. In our society, we don't do enough for mental illness and many people suffer through this debilitating disease. 


Her interview with Megyn Kelly was eye opening. I think her book would be interesting reading. May she rest in peace.