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I love this show. It's all real people and fascinating. I hope ABC keeps this going for a long time.

Dr. Oz will be on the next episode coming up according to the preview. He does not monopolize or glorify himself in any way, he is actually rarely there.

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Trauma: Life in the ER is far and away better than another Dr Oz show. Don't know if they are making any new ones, but they are the real deal.

Trauma: Life in the ER is all re-enacted. Almost all of the "patients" are actors. NY Med on the other hand is real time, real people. As for Dr. Oz, he really isn't on that frequently.

I think you are mixing up "Untold stories of the ER" and Trauma. Untold stories does the re-enactments with actors. The acting is bad.

Sorry,I guess I did mix them up, and I do agree, the acting on Untold stories is bad bad bad {#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

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I am ADDICTED to this show--I will be so sad when it's over!